IIT Kharagpur is Launching 6 Months Course In Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

IIT Kharagpur has announced that they are Launching new course for engineers and professional specially working technologist on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as this is a new demand for current situation and industry.

Course have been designed to take consideration of current industry demand.

The course will start from March 2019 and will be 6 months long.

It will be conducted form IIT Kharagpur unit in Kharagpur, Kolkata, Bengaluru (Bangalore) and possibly in Hyderabad unit.

PP Chakrabarti, IIT Kharagpur, Director told media that this course is need of an hour and has been designed by faculty members in consultation with industry experts.

This course will have 16 one- credit module along with one capstone project.

These modules has been carefully designed to cover mathematical and algorithmic foundations of AI fundamentals, Statistical and Machine Learning modules.

Sudeshna Sarkar, Head of Center of Artificial Intelligence at IIT Kharagpur telling one of the news wire that this certificate program will strengthen India’s talent pool in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

It has been told that this course will be taught by IIT Kharagpur faculty, other reputed institutes and industry experts.

Earlier this month, IIT Kharagpur announced off campus center of excellence for AI in Hyderabad. The premier institute is working closely with Telangana government and will unveil at March 2019.

The institute also plans to setup 2000 SQ feet research park in Kukatpallaya to primary focus on AI, Cyber security, aerospace, defense, manufacturing and robotics.

This is third initiative by IIT Kharagpur within a year on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In April, IIT-KGP collaborated with Capillary Technologies Limited and unveiled center for Artificial Intelligence in the campus. Its curriculum focus on deep learning from industry learning and use cases.