Apple Introduces Free Coding Education Program “Specially for Students”

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Everyone Can Code

Technology has its own language and its called code and its essential skill. Learning code teaches us how to solve a specific problem and work together in a creative way.

Thus, Apple tells everyone must have the opportunity to create something new or reinvent something that can change the world or help the world.

Thus Apple designed program that lets everyone teach, learn, read, write code.

So, Anyway, What is the code?

The code is virtually everything around us whatever we are experiencing in the world. When we turn the car on, key talk to the engine through code.

When we need pizza, the code places an online order for us.

When we want to eat that pizza, code helps us to keep track and decide pizza.

When we use our favourite apps, code sends a message or share a photo.

Apple made a coding language for everyone

Apple designed Swift which is easy to use and learn. It will show you result what you are writing it. In left you will write the code and in right it will show you result ( Amazing and easy 🙂 ). It uses word like “print”, “add”, “remove” which you already know.

Swift is not only easy to learn and code, its also very powerful. In fact worlds most popular applications has been written and coded in Swift.

Apple reinvented “How you learn to code too”

Apple put many thought to learn Swift. For first time coders/ developers, Swift Playgrounds is there for development. With built in “Learn to Code lessons”, you can use real code to solve problems. If yo are ready to start building your first application, then the “Intro to App Development with Swift” book will help you how to learn from start to end/ finish. you will learn the basics and experiment/learn with playgrounds in Xcode (use latest version of Xcode). More importantly, you need a Mac machine to install software and develop applications.

Apple suggests strongly “Bring coding into your school”

Apple created “Everyone Can Code” curriculum to help you teach coding and applications development to students from kindergarten to University. teachers can introduce the basics on iPad, and then build real apps on Mac. So either your students are first-time coders or aspiring app developers, you will have all the tools in place to teach coding in the classroom.

Everyone Can Code
Learn more about Swift Playgrounds
Download the app: Swift Playgrounds icon
Swift Playgrounds

Download the book: Intro to App Development with Swift
Download the course: Learn to Code 1 & 2